The Origin of YAKINIKU (grilled meat)
There are several versions about the origin of YAKINIKU, but the most commonly known story said that YAKINIKU was originated from the “Mo-mon-ji Yaki,” a type of grilled meat cuisine in the Edo era, which gradually transformed into today’s YAKINIKU with the influenced by Western-style barbeque imported into Japan after the Meiji Restoration, and by American Steak. 
Today, even some in Japan coined the Korean Barbeque as the authentic grilled meat cuisine, but its origin was actually found in Japan.
Chef’s Comment
The most important thing of GRILL is raw material.  I would like to ask the guests to taste my best selected meat with my special blended IROHA’s sources.  I hope you could understand our best effort for YAKINIKU when you put it into your mouth immediately.
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About the CHEF
Mr. Ichiro Yamamoto
He was with “Shokudouen”, “Gurabar – Tei”, “Ginza Tenseikaku” which are quite famous Grill restaurants in Tokyo, Japan.  He came to Hong Kong with over 20 years career in 2006 and in 2007, he opened YAKINIKU IROHA in Causeway Bay.  At the present, he is providing the best cooking as a chef of 2 restaurants of YAKINIKU IROHA.